BY Lori Morris

More eye candy, please: Why minimalism is out, and “maximalism” is in.
Minimalism and embracing simple pleasures has permeated our culture as of late, and I get it. Rejection of mass consumption, simplicity is good, ok ok ok. But I’m just going to say it: There is such a thing as too much minimalism.

We have five senses, they deserve to be indulged! Our eyes want more candy - rich patterns, luxurious layers, textures, colours! Maximum impact is where it’s at, and we’re so into it.

Layers are the way of the future, and in a truly amazing space, they should reveal themselves at every turn. People want and need more, they want to be wowed and surprised and taken on sensory journeys. We’ve become so accustomed to absorbing unprecedented amounts of stimuli and information, and you know what? We’ve gotten really good at it. It’s what we expect now.

When taken too far, minimalism deprives us of excitement, of life’s fullness. People want a new experience every time they look at something, to see things from new angles every time they walk into a room.

They crave beautiful things that spark delight, and they crave them now.

Who are we to tell them no?

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